Fifth grade takes classes at Picture House to make memory movies; red carpet premiere set for June 12


PELHAM PICTURE HOUSE  — The fifth graders have completed two of four sessions at the Pelham Picture House for a movie project they are working on.

The fifth graders’ assignment is to pick a collective memory from all of their years at Colonial. Based on what the kids choose, the students are grouped, filmed on their memory, act and make fun scenes. The project will take a four classes.

But there is a whole other part to the projet. The students also have to pick a personal memory and make a video by themelves seperate from their collective memory.

During the second session at the Picture House, the fifth graders were filmed talking about their own experience and how they thought the memory felt to them.

Morgan McLean (5V) said, “When we sat in the directors Q&A chairs when we were filming in the second session, I felt like a professional.”

Overall, the kids say the project is a blast. Most can’t wait for the premiere at the Picture House on June 12 to see all of their hard work that they put in up on a movie theater screen.

When all of the projects are done and after they are edited, the fifth graders at Colonial will walk down a red carpet and go with their parents and friends into the theater to view their movies. Also, all of the kids will be treated with popcorn at the premiere and will recieve a DVD of their personal and their collective memory films.

Beth Manspeizer is the person at the Picture House who is working with the fifth graders, “Movie making helps kids learn in an experiential way,” she said. “They are able to process the themes of the program whether it is ‘immigration’ or a ‘reflection piece’ through doing. They are asked to speak, perform, work together, and actually be the material rather than being told the material. Filmmaking is a collaborative, hands-on art form.”

The Colonial fourth graders have also been working on separate projects at the Picture House on immigration.