Mr. Howard came in to talk about radio to the 5th grade with some cool prizes

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Parent Jeffrey Howard recently came in to talk to the whole fifth grade. He gave a wonderful presentation with a suprise at the end.

In one of Mr. Howard’s PowerPoint slides, DJ Elvis Duran said hello to the whole fifth grade in a video. All the students who saw it had lots of smiles on their faces and were filled with joy. If you don’t know who Elvis Duran is, he is the morning talker on Z100 and makes a lot of people laugh.

“Mr. Howard did a wonderful presentation and gave out the coolest prizes,” said Nic Shotkoski (5H).

After he came in, other parents came in on other days to talk too.

Mr. Howard’s PowerPoint showed a clear demonstration of his job. The topic was iHeart Radio. If you don’t have the app, you should try it. Mr. Howard also advertised very well.

“It was fun because I learned how many jobs there are in the music business,” said Anna Shampanier-Bowen (5H).

Mr. Howard gave the kids t-shirts and iHeart radio headphones. Please enjoy the video.