Gingerbread houses favorite project of year for Kindergartners (from June print newspaper)


Laura Gin displayed the gingerbread house she worked on.

KINDERGARTEN CLASSES — This year, most of the Kindergartners said that their favorite activity was making candy or gingerbread houses.

Joe Martucci (KM) said he liked “making candy houses because I get to eat a lot of candy. You’d get to go up and get whatever candy you want.”

Erin Moskowitz (KM) agreed it was making candy gingerbread houses that was the most fun for her. She said she liked “when we made ginger houses because it was made out of candy.”

In making the gingerbread houses, the students got to go up and pick the candy they wanted to put on their houses. Then they decorated their gingerbread houses anyway they liked.

They had many different kinds of candy: gumdrops, M&Ms, marshmallows, Skittles and other enjoyable sweets. As everyone knows, young kids love candy. This must have been a great experience for all the Kindergartners, even for those who didn’t pick it as their favorite activity.

Isabella Cross (KM) explained why she liked creating the fun candy houses. “It looked pretty because it had different colors on it.”

Juliet Roden (KM) said she liked making the house “because I liked doing it and it was fun.”

All the Kindergartners must have liked this.There are many different reasons why, but it sounded like a lot of fun for all of the kids in both classes.

However, the Kindergartners had many other school adventures they said they enjoyed. Ben Martucci (KH) said his favorite school activity was doing math problems. “I like to do math because my father and I are good at it,” he said.

Josie Leff of class KM explained, “When we made silly putty because it is very fun and hard to make, especially when this water that made it was hard to stir up.”

Lila Berkery (KH) said that her favorite thing to do all year was “playing family at recess because it is fun.”

Julia Findikyan said, “My birthday because I got to eat a lot of cupcakes. I love cupcakes!”

Kira Findikyan said, “Walking in the hall with clipboards in our hands finding signs because I like to write.”

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.