Vegetables sing and dance in year-end Kindergarten show (from June print newspaper)


Nicholas Manthei

Kindergartners danced as vegetables in the year-end show.

COLONIAL GYM — The Colonial School Kindergartners put on a vegetable dance show called “How Does Your Garden Grow?” at 8:45 am on May 13.

The Kindergartners acted as Franny and Freddy farmers, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, corn, peas, eggplants and tomatoes.

Music teacher Pamela Jacovina came up with all the dance moves and the little set behind the kids.

In an interview before the play happened, Ms. Jacovina said, “I wanted to do something extra for music that was cute, so it was a perfect match for the Kindergartners. My favorite part was when the kids got to say their own lines, and the play was starting to come to life. They probably will have costumes that match their part, and the kids were so excited because they kept asking, ‘When’s the show?’”

There seemed to be some really difficult words, but the Kindergartners made them easy.

Before the show, Philip Orlando (KH) said, “I am an eggplant, and my favorite part is the air guitar song called ‘Vegomatic.’”

The kids were really happy and excited during the show, and they managed to memorize their dance moves and lines.

Lila Berkery (KH) said, “I am farmer Franny, and my favorite part is when I get to say my lines.”

Daniel Berkery (K-M) said, “I am farmer Freddy, and my favorite part is when I say my lines, and my favorite song is ‘Mary Mary.’”

The Kindergarten seemed to make almost all the parents take out their cameras because they were so good. When the kids sang and did the dance moves to their songs, they were really energetic in a good way.

“I am an eggplant, and my favorite part is when we did the air guitar song,” said Juliet Roden (KM).

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.