Historic Philipsburg Manor top trip for fourth graders (from June print newspaper)

FOURTH GRADE CLASSROOMS — Fourth grade is almost over. And a lot of fun things have happened

For fourth graders in the year of 2012-2013, what were the best things they think happened?

Here are the major events:

The field trip to Philipsburg Manor, which is a manor that was owned by the Philips family. It got turned into a museum. It seems like you are back in time, but you aren’t really.

Recycle Raceway was a project to make a car out of recycled stuff, then all the kids raced their cars.

The Native American indoor field trip was when people came and talked and showed stuff about Native Americans.

Those were the exciting things fourth graders chose in our interviews. There were more fun things that happened this year, but nobody picked them.

Four students picked the Philipsburg Manor field trip (Christian Shiels, Michael Micciche, Jacob Hartmere, and Nicholas Cross).

One chose Recycle Raceway (Jack Murphy).

One picked the Native American indoor field trip (Marco Gracie).

Nicholas said he liked Philipsburg Manor because of “the sheep and the manor house,” while Jacob said he enjoyed it “because it was hands on.”

“It was fun. We got to make flour and sugar and butter,” said Michael.

Christian Shiels enjoyed that trip “because it felt really cool to walk around in a place that looked like the olden times.”

For Jack Murphy, the recycled cars were fun because “we got to make cars out of recycled stuff and raced them, and I won.”

Marco Gracie said the Native American presentation “was a full-day thing, and it was interesting.”

According to the fourth grade kids interviewed, Philipsburg Manor was the coolest thing that happened.

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.