Second grade loves ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and Norwalk Aquarium trip (from June print newspaper)


Second graders were able to pet the rays at Norwalk Aquarium.

SECOND GRADE CLASSROOMS — This year was fun-filled for Colonial’s second grade classes. One highlight for many second graders was “The Charlotte’s Web” field trip. Another major highlight was the visit to the Norwalk Aquarium.

Kolby Hopper (2G) said, “I really liked when we went to ‘The Charlotte’s Web’ performance because it was funny. I liked when the pig got chased by the farmer.”

The play was a very popular choice with many of the students, but some other second graders disagreed and picked visiting with the marine life instead.

“When we went to the aquarium, it was really awesome because I got to touch the stingrays and nurse sharks,” said Sophia Cipolla (2G).

A lot of second graders liked the aquarium visit, but for different reasons.

“I really liked the aquarium,” said Ian Urquhart (2G). “I liked seeing the seals just swimming. They could go outside and come back in. I also liked the rays and shark tank.”

Timmy Meyer (2G) said, “Going to the aquarium was cool because we got to pet sharks and watch a movie.”

“Going to the Norwalk Aquarium because you got to learn a lot about sea animals,” added Holland Feinberg (2S).

“My favorite adventure we had was the Norwalk Aquarium because we got to see lots of different animals,” said Emma Van Praagh (2G). “My favorite animal was a kid of frog.”

“The Charlotte’s Web” trip was especially amazing because the musical had just opened, and it was a never-before first for the Colonial second graders.

Lauren Varino (2G) said, “When my brother Geordy was in second grade, he didn’t get to go, so ha!” Lauren also said it was her favorite experience because “we got to see a play, and it was our first play with the grade.”

“I liked when we went to a play in Tarrytown,” said Charlie Schellhammer (2S). “The play was really good, and I liked it all.”

Other cool second-grade adventures were simple yet fun things the second graders did in a special such as physical education or as they played during recess.

“I loved when we had P.E. outside because there was a lot more equipment,” said Aidan Murphy (2S). “Mrs. Bagwell would throw or roll a ball at us, and we had to dodge the ball. It was sorta hard though. I liked it because I love dodgeball, and this was something like it.”

Aidan also liked having recess with his friends.

Another fun adventure was an indoor campout.

“We had an indoor campout,” said Brooks Clarke (2S). “We all liked it because it was a lot of fun, but mostly because we didn’t have to do any work.”

A personal favorite adventure was when the fourth graders started a gymnastics-off with the second graders. Katie Bratone (2G) remembered her sister Eliza grabbing her arm and saying, “‘Come on, you need to show off!’ I was doing gymnastics against fourth graders. My twin Scarlett and Eliza lifted me up on top of a pyramid, and I was the flyer and they accidently dropped me!”

Amelia Resnick (2S) said, “At recess, Sophia and I dig for worms, and at the end, we set them free. I really liked how we express our feelings about setting free worms, since other kids don’t set them free.”

Grace Colkin (2S) said, “We were making Mother’s Day cards and surveys about our mothers, and that was very fun.”

“On the playground, I was playing a game with my friends, and we were traveling all over the playground,” said Charlie.

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.