Immigration unit switches from simulation to movie (from June print newspaper)


Colonial Times file photo

Fourth graders from two years ago dressed as immigrants for that year’s Immigration Simulation.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — For the fifth graders, the Immigration Simulation was a blast when they did it as fourth graders last year. But this year, the fourth graders did not go through the same experience.

The Immigration Simulation is an event where fourth grade students do a simulation of arriving in America and go through all the steps at Ellis Island. It was all done in different rooms at Colonial School. But this year, the fourth grade classes made movies on immigration at the Pelham Picture House instead.

“It was excellent last year, and the trip to the Pelham Picture House covered pretty much everything that we did last year, so we didn’t really need the Immigration Simulation,” said Mr. Ron Martucci, one of the three fourth grade teachers.

The fifth graders brought back memories thinking about last year’s experience with the Immigration Simulation.

“I thought it was really fun, but I was nervous at first because I thought I wasn’t going to pass” the immigration inspection, said Morgan McLean (5V). “I thought it was really realistic.”

Ryan Chang (5V) said, “I thought the immigration experience was kind of fun because we got to dress up as immigrants.”

Some fourth graders said they were interested in what they missed out on.

“I’m kind of upset, because I think every grade should do the same thing each year because it’s not fair if they got to do the Immigration Simulation and we don’t,” said Jackson Sylver in class 4C.

“I think we should’ve done the Immigration Simulation because it seemed really fun last year,” said Haley Wall in class 4C.

It appears that some fourth graders are upset that they didn’t get the same experience as this year’s fifth graders did last year when they went through the simulation.

The fifth graders really liked the simulation when they did it last year, and they’re sure that the fourth graders of this year would too.

At the Pelham Picture House, the fourth grade classes this year got to make a silent film playing immigrants. They all walked to the Picture House in costume, and it was very interesting to see the variety of costumes from the different lands and cultures. Some kids dressed like they were immigrating from a long time ago, but others came in their regular clothing as modern-day immigrants to America.

“I thought it was great because we all made a great story,” said Tommy Roche (4G). “I think it was good that we did the Pelham Picture House because it was more fun.”

“It was so cool that we went to the Picture House, but I think we should have done the Immigration Simulation too,” says Eliza Bratone (4G).

Another change this year was the need to cancel the fourth grade trip to Ellis Island, because it was damaged by Superstorm Sandy and still cannot accept visitors.We don’t know whether the fourth graders of next year will be doing the Immigration Simulation or the silent film at the Pelham Picture House, but for this year, we thank Beth Manspeizer for a wonderful experience at the Pelham Picture House!

 This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.