Third grade orchestra gives first show, joins with fifth graders in song

The 3rd grade concert was awesome but the fifth graders did not get to do much.

COLONIAL GYM — The parents were in their seats on Jan. 16, and then the musicians walked in. But who were they? The third grade orchestra! The students played a foxtrot and “Hot Cross Buns.” First, they sang the notes to “Hot Cross Buns, then plucked them, then bowed them.

The third grade orchestra played a few other songs. Next, some special fifth grade guests helped the third graders play “We Will Rock You.” The fifth graders played “Dona Nobis” by themselves.

It was an exciting experience for the third graders.

“I think it was good,” said Stephen Hartmere (3K).

Alessio Johnson (3L) said, “My favorite song was ‘Hot Cross Buns.'”

Niko Roman (3K) said, “It was good. I liked the song ‘We Will Rock You.'”

The concert made some fifth graders think back to when they started in orchestra.

“It gave me memories about us doing that concert,” said Juan Carlos Matos (5s). “Though it would be better if we could play more.”

He was right. Fifth graders remember that concert.