Kindergartners’ year includes work, sorting hearts and singing (from March print newspaper)


Maddie Samaan

Kindergartners in Mrs. Kathleen McCarthy’s class watched a movie.

KINDERGARTEN CLASSROOMS — As their first year of school was just at the halfway point, the Kindergartners were excited as well as nervous about the rest of the year.

They have been working hard during the starting and middle points of the year, and they plan to keep on doing well until the end. They started off the year with Fundations, dressed up for Halloween, did a Valentine heart sort and went to the sing-a-long.

They will experience the 100th day of school celebrations and graduation celebrations in the next months of school.

The students said they liked projects ranging from choice time to PE to the art center to math toys.

“I really like choice time because there are a lot of toys to play with,” said Lucy Cole (KM), although she said that she thought that Fundations was boring because all they do is letters.

Lots of things have changed since some of the third, fourth and fifth graders went to Kindergarten. For example, they no longer do nap time or watch ladybugs grow and then set them free.

“I like PE because it is fun,” said Sean McGovern from KM.

This story appeared in the March print edition of the Colonial Times.