Fifth graders create inventions, critique books (from March print newspaper)


Maddie Samaan

Students in Mr. Alexander Ventura’s fifth grade lined up to change classes.

FIFTH GRADE CLASSROOMS — So far, the fifth graders have had a good year. They have experienced many fun projects, such as the Critic’s Corners, current events and the Invention Convention. Many fifth graders think this has been a very fun year so far, while others disagree.

Most people said they are pleased with the Critics Corner’s book reviews and think they are very exciting.

Some great projects that are coming up soon are Constitution Works and the Challenger Center field trip. Both of those projects sound very interesting.  Many people say that the fifth graders will have a great second half of the year with all of the projects.

“I think some subjects can be hard and some can be easy, and I also think the switching (teachers) is good,” said Matthew Alexander (5S). “But some people do not get their homework done. I think we may have a successful year this year.”

“I do not think the teachers give too much homework,” said Matthew.

This is what Aidan Resnick (5V  ) said about the year: “I think we are getting off to a good start and the teachers are really nice, but I think the Invention Convention was not a good idea.”

Certain kids don’t like some rules changes, but still liked the fifth grade projects they did.

“I think we’re doing okay this year so far,” said Finn Cork (5V). “Mrs. Wilson’s new rules are the only things I do not like. I think that the Invention Convention was a very good idea and so was Travel Math. I definitely think we will have a successful year.”

This story appeared in the March print edition of the Colonial Times.