Fifth grade moved up June 25 with dinner at Split Rock afterwards (year-end print edition)

PMS — On June 25, the fifth grade will move up to the exciting Pelham Middle School. Sixth grade will begin in September. There will be a moving-up ceremony, and then after that, there will be a dinner held at the Split Rock Golf Course in the Bronx.

The moving-up ceremony will be held in the middle school gymnasium. A lot of the fifth grade boys and girls are looking forward to this event. Here are what some kids are saying about the fifth grade graduation and the dinner following the ceremony:

Julia Davis (5V): “I am looking forward to seeing one of my best friends Claire.” (Claire moved to Arizona in 2013, and she is coming back for the promotion to see her friends.)

Emma Colkin (5H): “I am looking forward to listening to the DARE essays and saying goodbye to the teachers.”

Finn Cork (5V): “I am looking forward to Split Rock Golf Course and dinner.”

Ava Shotkoski (5V): “I am looking forward to seeing Claire and wearing my pretty dress to the graduation.”

Jack Murphy (5V): “I am looking forward to the dinner.”

The graduation is going to be very exciting because the fifth graders will dress up and congratulate all their friends and say goodbye to past teachers. The dinner will be fun for the fifth graders because they can spend time with their families after the ceremony. They will be enjoying themselves with only one day left in school (and it’s an hour long!).

Moving up is a big night for the fifth grade teachers too, as they see their students leave elementary school and prepare to move on to the next stage of their educations.

Ms. Diana Spadaro, one of the three fifth grade teachers, said, “I am looking forward to watching all of my students moving on.”

Mr. Alexander Ventura, another fifth grade teacher, said, “Students are very well prepared for the challenges they will face, both academically and socially, in the Pelham Middle School.”

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.