Fifth graders cook up great cultural food (year-end print edition)

5TH GRADE CLASSROOMS — The fifth graders received a social studies project to make a dish that was culturally related to their family. The dish for the Top Chef project needed to have at least four ingredients, and none of the ingredients could be in any way related to nuts. The fifth graders would be able to taste all of their classmates’ dishes. The dishes would be split into samples for everyone to try.

On the day of Top Chef, the students presented tri-folds on their dishes. The students told why their dish related to their family. They explained why they chose the dish, what their favorite part was, and what the hardest part was. Fifth graders shared their recipes and also wrote the price of the ingredients and the amount for a certain size serving.

Here’s what fifth grade students said about being Top Chefs:

Gavin Fear (5H): “I think everyone worked hard and it was awesome.”

Finn Cork (5V): “I liked trying all the food, and I think it was a fun experience.”

Matthew Alexander (5S): “It was a cool experience of eating other people’s cultural food.”

Matthew Gregware (5V): “It was amazing. I really liked the presentation, and everybody worked very hard.”

Tommy Roche (5V): “I thought it was a nice experience, and I really liked making the food.”

Isabelle Berkery (5V): “It was fun because I like cooking, and I like learning about my family’s background.”

Miranda Barrett (5S): “Top Chef was the best project this year.”

Juan Carlos Matos (5S): “It was a really fun experience, and it was fun tasting all the foods.”

Kyra Riedel (5v): “It was not the best, but it was good. I wish the project was more of an in-school project.”

Jackson Sylver (5v): “I liked it because I like cooking, and it was really fun to share my food with everyone else.”

Julia Davis (5V): “I loved it. It was good because I worked with my mom, and it’s good because now I know how to cook that dish.”

Hunter Fleming (5V): “I liked it, but I thought we should have had more time to prepare our dish.”

Nya Hasely (5V): “I liked making the food with my family, and it was cool because I got to see other traditions.”

The fifth grade teachers thought the Top Chef project achieved important goals.

“What I liked most was all the hard work the students used to prepare their dish,” said fifth grade teacher Alexander Ventura.

Ms. Diane Spadaro, another fifth grade teacher, said, “I loved it. I especially liked that we got to try each other’s food.”

Everybody worked very hard. The reflections of the students were very interesting. Some people thought that the cooking part was the hardest, others did not. Fourth graders also came to sample the dishes as well.

Some of the dishes included Logan’s derby pie, churros, Aunt Lena’s calzone, Armenian choreg, chocolate cake, chili, krumkake, plum cake, apple pie bars, crepes and lemon poppy seed cake. Those are just some of the amazing dishes that the fifth graders prepared.

 This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.