Students’ summer plans include beach, pool, trips and LOTS of ice cream (year-end print edition)


COLONIAL SCHOOL — Summer is right around the corner. The students at Colonial are all excited for relaxing in the sun, playing at the beach, swimming in the pool and eating lots of ice cream, especially after the long, hard, cold winter we had this year.

Some students at Colonial School have already thought of some ideas for what they’re doing this summer.  Here’s what they said.

In Kindergarten, Aldan Feeney (KH) said he is going on vacation with his family and is very happy about that. Lucy Cole (KM) said she is attending camp and is very happy and excited.

Another student, Bryn Felgner (KH), said she is going to a camp at the beginning of summer. Bryn is also looking forward to visiting her grandparents in Tennessee and Florida.

In first grade, Peyton Kerr (1C) said he will be going to tennis academy (a tennis camp) and then to Vermont. Peyton said he is excited about both. Lila Berkery (1A) said she will be going to Rhode Island.

In second grade, Sebastian Fisher (2C) said he is visiting Minnesota. He will also be going to a sports camp and doing Cub Scouts. Also in second grade, Lucy Dolan (2C) said she is going to visit her grandparents, who live right outside of Boston. When this reporter asked if Lucy was excited, she said “yeah.”

In third grade, Eleanor Neu (3L) said she is traveling to Portugal and Spain and super excited about the trip. Reese McLean (3L) told the Colonial Times she is going to Block Island with some of her good friends. Reese also said she is going to a hotel where you can go horseback riding.

Austin Kelly (4H) is going to Mexico. He also said he will be going to a Minecraft camp. Arden Gerhardt (4G) said she is visiting Rochester and Disney, which is very exciting.

Now in fifth grade, Cece Caldwell (5H) said she will be going to camp and also going on vacation. Another fifth grader, Jackson Sylver (5H), said he will be going to the island of St. John’s and renting a villa. He will also be going to a sleep-away camp.

These are just some of the many summer plans students have here at Colonial School that they are very excited about. Some students are going to far away islands, while others are enjoying local camps. This reporter hopes that some of the summer fun described in this article has inspired readers to try to make some great summer plans. Have a wonderful summer!

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.