Third grade visits Pelham Palace for meal and botanical gardens for green things (year-end print edition)


Colonial Times file photo

Mrs. Lombardi on a 2014 field trip to the New York Botanical Gardens.

3rd GRADE CLASSROOMS — The third grade went on a few fun trips this year, including to Pelham Palace, the local Chinese restaurant, for lunch, and to the New York Botanical Garden.

On the Pelham Palace trip, students walked to the restaurant, had lunch of Chinese food and learned about Chinese culture. At the botanical garden, they saw the rainforest.

Eleanor Neu (3L) said she liked “the botanical garden because I enjoyed the rainforest unit.”

Breanna McCook (3K) said she enjoyed “Pelham Palace. It tasted so good.”

Mrs. Joanne Lombardi, a third grade teacher, said her favorite was “the botanical garden because it makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island.”