Critic’s Corner: The likes and dislikes of fifth grade readers

5th GRADE CLASSROOMS — Every month, students have to write a Critic’s Corner, which is a review on a book you choose that follows a certain structure. Students have to identify theme, describe the book and give their opinion on the book they chose.

Some enjoy doing these book reviews.

“I like Critic’s Corners because unlike read alouds, you can choose the book you read and you get to show your opinion on the book,” said Catalina Rivera (5M).

“I like Critic’s Corners because you get to say what you like about the book you read, and your teacher gets to see how good you are at describing books,” said Hugh McConville (5H).

Not everyone likes them. Some students said the reports are a waste of time or annoying.

“I don’t like Critic’s Corners because your teachers don’t give you enough time to do it,” said Jack Meyer (5H).

“I don’t like Critic’s Corners because they waste time when you could do other things that relate to school,” said Ava Pedorella (5M).