3rd grade gets a mouthful of Chinese New Year during field trip to Pelham Palace


Colonial Times file photo

PELHAM — The third grade went on a field trip to Pelham Palace Feb. 26 to get a taste of Chinese food for the Chinese New Year.

“I liked the noodles the best,” said Lian Spencer (3K). “I also liked the fortune cookies that we received and that we got to read our fortunes.”

Will Felgner 3K said, “I loved the noodles and the egg rolls. Also I liked that we got to walk to Pelham Palace.”

“I liked that we got to try all the really good food and got to be with the whole third grade,” said Laura Shelton (3L). “Also the people there were really nice.”

These third graders all got a good taste of Chinese food and really enjoyed the trip.

This reporter remembers the trip as being very fun and the food delicious, particularly the dumplings.