Print edition: Fifth grade views on Pelham Middle School

COLONIAL SCHOOL – Middle School is causing nervousness and excitement amongst the fifth graders.

Will the teachers at Pelham Middle School be nice or mean? Will I be able to open my locker? They’re all questions that cause worry for the fifth grade students.

Middle school, according to the teachers of Colonial School, will be different from the fifth grade experience, but all the students should be prepared. The fifth graders are only a few months away from beginning this experience.

“I think I am going to have a great time, but the school is really big and I’m small,” said Zach Long (5M).

Greta Fear (5M) said, “I’m nervous. I don’t want to leave Colonial School because the years went by so fast, and I haven’t made the most of them.”

Anya Fox (5V) said, “I’m excited and scared because you’re going into the next stage of your life.”

Maya Spunberg (5H) said, “I’m feeling pretty nervous about the teachers and finding my way around the school.”

Some students are more upbeat than nervous. “I am excited because it seems like it’s going to be a good experience, and I get to meet people,” said Ava Pedorella of class 5M. “I also am excited for the food.”

Theo Massie-Vereker (5V) said, “I think it will be exciting because of the many more teachers.”

The fifth grade teachers of Colonial School have been preparing their students all year by doing teacher switches for subjects like travel math, science, study skills and social studies.

Mr. Ron Martucci said, “I think the the students will be prepared for middle school. I think the biggest challenge for them will be the different teaching styles and the transitions of classes.”

“They are going to do great!” said Mr. Alex Ventura. “They are very prepared.”

According to Mrs. Piera Hatter, “They will do awesome. I think they will like the freedom and making new friends.”

Middle school is an independent new start for the incoming sixth graders. PMS will be different, with more class switches, different cafeteria food and subjects like health and languages. The class switches can be hard on the students because you need to have all your supplies for each class.

The food is an upgrade from Colonial, with fresh options such as a salad bar and sandwich bar. And finally, having to take different subjects can be a new and different experience.