A New School Pet

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Pelham, NY    Every kid wants a school pet. Some people want it simple like Kathleen in 1c. She wants a pet fish named Nemo.  Kianna wants a pet cat for a school pet, but some people, like Aidan in 5M,  says he wants a pet chameleon named Whirlpool.  That would be an awesome pet even though all pets are awesome from A to Z. Almost everyone I interviewed  wants a dog. I think a dog would be really cool! Would you rather have one class pet or one school pet? Mrs. Wilson, our Colonial School Principal, wants one school pet. She thinks it would be too crazy to have so many pets throughout the school.

If you could have any school pet, and name it any name you wanted, what would it be? A school pet is a good way to have your school stand out. Maybe we will get another school pet. A lot of people think a school pet is a great idea, but some think otherwise. In my opinion, a school pet is a great idea. Max H. in 2c, my brother, thinks that every school should have a school pet, and so do I !!!!

Dr. Farrell and I think a monkey would be the best option!

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