Halloween Parade on Friday


Colonial School-Halloween is coming up and the Colonial Halloween Parade is about to begin! Lots of great costumes are
going to be in the parade, like witches, wizards and princesses. Halloween is a great holiday just like Christmas and Valentine’s Day are! Halloween is the only day a year based on candy and the only day a year you go back to school from lunch all dressed up in fun outfits.  Lane, in 4K, is going as a zombie soccer player with Elle and Grace. Katie, in 5M, is going as a Starbucks coffee cup! That’s a cool costume! Laura, in 4G, is a zombie cheerleader. Wow, lots of zombies on Halloween. I am going as the Goddess Athena. Almost everyone that goes to Colonial is going to be in the parade, and I can’t wait to see all of those costumes.  I’m guessing that many parents will be there too. The Halloween parade will be fun!