Colonial Stuffs Bus to Donate Pajamas and Books to Children in Need


PLAYGROUND — On November 13 2015, the Stuff a Bus pajama and book program came to Colonial School to pick up pajamas and books donated by the students of Colonial. Colonial has been participating in the Stuff a Bus Program for years. This is how it works: students bring in new pajamas and books and a bus comes and picks them up. The pajamas are brought to children that cannot afford them. The fifth graders get to help load the pajamas on the bus. 185 pajamas and 218 books were counted by the fifth graders.

“I enjoyed stuffing the bus”, says Daniel O’Keefe in 5H,

The other Colonial students got to watch and cheer for the fifth graders as they stuffed the bus.

“I am excited to stuff the bus next year”, says Erik Fontanella in 4G,

The Stuff a Bus program gets kids excited about helping children in need.

“I think it was a good cause”, says Aidan Murphy in 5M,

The Stuff a Bus program is a great way to raise awareness and help children in need.