Top Chef

Every year Colonial School’s fifth graders do Top Chef.  I interviewed a few people and got their opinions about it. Leah S. in 5h, made potato latkes for Top Chef. I asked her if it was a tradition to make potato latkes in her family. ” Sort of.  We usually buy them,”  she said. She chose to make potato latkes because it is a family tradition to eat them and that it dates back in family history. She liked Top Chef and thought it was a good experience. but she didn’t like the cooking because her mom did most of it. Audry L., also in 5H, made Hungarian Goulash. She really liked Top Chef.  It let her open her mind and learn about her family history and culture and where her grandparents and parents were from. She chose to make Hungarian Goulash because, her mom is really Hungarian. Her sister already did something for her dad’s side, so she wanted to do something for her mom’s side. Those are some Top Chef’s opinions.