Fourth Grade Girls’ Book Club Is a Hit!

Pelham-There is a book club for fourth grade girls. We went around the school and talked to some girls that are in it and learned their opinions.

Lian S. in 4k said, ” I like the books we read.” I like that it is only once a month so I have time to read the book.She also says, “My favorite part of book club is just reading the book.” Her favorite book she read was The City Of Ember.

Avery G. in 4K says she liked some of the books, but not all. She is also happy that the book club is only once a month and she has time to read the book. Her favorite book was The City Of Ember.  If she could change the book club she would have everyone read smaller books.

Madeline S in 4v says, “I don’t like all of the books.” She would also like it to happen more often. She told us that her favorite book was The City of Ember. She also says, “If I could change book club, I would give out lots of cookies.”

This is the new Girls’ Book Club and many children enjoy it.