Fifth Graders Work Hard on Critic’s Corners and Current Events

COLONIAL-SCHOOL– The fifth graders of Colonial school have two monthly assignments that both involve a lot of writing. One assignment is the Critic’s Corner, which is a series of thoughtful responses and analysis to literature. The other assignment is Current Events where students read news articles and report about them.  Students practice many important skills including summarizing, critical thinking, revising, planning and presenting.

First we will talk about Critic’s Corners. As mentioned before, students will read a book and write a report about it before an assigned deadline. The students received an instruction sheet at the beginning of the year that told them what all their paragraphs should be about. The teacher announces the genre of the book when the project begins. Some students find this easy and others not so much.

“I don’t think that Critic’s Corners are that easy,” said Timmy Meyer in 5M.

“Sometimes Critic’s Corners are easy and sometimes they’re hard,” said Daniel O’keefe in 5H.

After the students have completed their book report they present it to the class. This gives students the opportunity to share book interests and recommendations with each other, while practicing public speaking.

“I don’t really like presenting Critic’s Corners to the class,” said Ian Urquhart in 5H.

Now let’s move on the the Current Events. In this assignment students find a news article of an assigned topic and write about it in three large paragraphs. A graphic organizer is given to the students for this project too. The organizer has questions that when answered, will form the paragraphs for the report. Some examples of these questions are how does this event impact the world?, how did the event occur?, and what are your feelings about this article?. Most students agree that this project is much easier than the Critic’s Corners.

“Current Events are definitely easier than Critic’s Corners,” said Jonah Sherbansky in 5M.

“I don’t think that Critic’s Corners are harder than Current Events,” said Max Kuelwein in 5M.

Like the Critic’s Corners, the Current Events are done entirely at home. Also, like the Critic’s Corners, once done with your Current Event you get to present it to your fellow classmates.

Some students like Critic’s Corners better than Current Events, but most students like Current Events better than Critic’s Corners because they are easier and quicker than Critic’s Corners.

“I like Current Events better than Critic’s Corners,” said Michael Korvyakov in 5M.