What Music Interests You?

We went around the school asking students if they were interested in music. These were their answers.  Brooke L. in 4K said she likes music. She likes pop music because it is soothing but not slow like classical music. Her favorite song is Out Of the Woods by Taylor Swift and her favorite artist is also Taylor Swift! Lila B. in 3L said she liked music. She also likes pop music. She likes it because Taylor Swift sings it. Her favorite artist is Meghan Trainor, and her favorite song is One Call Away by Charlie Puth. Kate G. from 4K said she likes music. She likes pop but she doesn’t know why. She likes Meghan Trainor and her favorite song is Lost Boy By Ruth B. Lauren U. 4G said that she also liked music. She likes pop like the others we interviewed. She likes it because its upbeat. Her favorite artists are Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Her favorite songs are by her favorite artists.

So in conclusion most people enjoy music. Please comment if you like music below!