Mr. Raggo-Safety Monitor


Mr. Raggo is the new safety monitor here at Colonial School, but that is not nearly all he is. Even though all day he checks people in, and lets kids in through locked doors, there is a lot more to him then meets the eye.

Mr. Raggo said his favorite part of the day is when all the kids come by his window and give him fist bumps or a nice hello. One of those kids is Carlo C., in class 4V.  “He’s nice. He always gives fist bumps and is always happy. He never gets mad. My brother and I think he is so awesome and cool,” Carlo said. I definitely think Carlo speaks for everybody when he says that.

Ever since Mr. Raggo joined us, a lot of people’s jobs got a lot easier. Mrs. Manganiello is one of those people. “My job has changed a lot. He’s made it a lot easier for me; I don’t have to be responsible for who comes in and out of the building. It gives me a lot of time to do other work,” she said.

Mr. Raggo is married, and has two kids, a boy and a girl, both went to good schools and grew up around Pelham.

Mr. Raggo is a great, hardworking guy; has been a police officer, and worked in a plumbing supply store, so he knows what it means to be in control. I think we should respect that.


by Liam Ginsburg