Election Results Are in!

The student government election results are in.  How it worked. Colonial School presidential candidates gave their speeches on Election Day. Grades 3-5  voted one time for one person.On November fourth each teacher, from grades 3-5, announced the 2 class representatives in each class.

Each fifth grade class had one nominee for school president. “Everyone in grades three-five voted between three nominees to select a president and two vice presidents,” said Mrs.Norman.I asked a third grader named Arden how she was feeling about the election,she said she was excited to get the results and to give her speech, but she was also nervous because there were so many students running against her and she had never done anything like this.About 7 people from 3L  ran. Some students were hoping that students were voting for the right reasons.The winner for Colonial School President was Lucy Dolan. Students selected Matthew Doka and Emily Rackley Vice-Presidents.  Congratulations Lucy, Matt and Emily!