24 Club begins practicing math game under guidance of Mr. Martucci


Students play the 24 Game with cards like this.

COLONIAL — The 24 Club run by Mr. Ron Martucci (a 24 card lover) is up and running again. The 24 Club is a club where students learn how to solve cards that have four numbers and they must do computations using each number to get to 24.

In the club, fourth and fifth graders face off in competitions whether they are beginners or pros.

The 24 Club started on Jan. 20 and meets every Friday at 7:50 a.m.

Jaylin Santiago, a fifth grader, said the 24 Club is fun.

Celia Parent said, “I like how Mr. Martucci teaches a game like this one.”

Massimo Pietranico said, “I wish it could be longer,” and Mathew Doka’ s added, “I think there should be teams.”

24 Club is a fun and exciting way to practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

If you ever want to practice your mathematical computation, join the 24 Club or practice with 24 cards.