Fifth graders have mixed emotions about leaving Colonial in a few months


FIFTH GRADE CLASSROOMS— When it comes to schooL, many kids never want to see the place again once they leave.

The fifth graders are preparing to leave for good the school that many have attended for six years. Will that look back? Some fifth graders say they will miss Colonial, while many are excited about the move to Pelham Middle School.

“I’m very excited to go to middle school, but I’m going to miss Colonial a lot,” said Avery Goodman from 5MO.

Anderson Sylver (5H) said, “Middle School will be better than Colonial. I will be a little sad when I leave Colonial, but I’m more excited for middle school.  I’m most excited for learning a new language.  I also really want to meet the teachers.”

“I am excited to go to middle school, but sad to leave Colonial because I have been here for such a long time,” said Lian Spencer (5H). “Colonial has always made me feel comfortable, and I’m so used to everything here, so it’s going to be very hard to leave.  I am going to miss all the teachers the most because I might not get to see them again, and they have helped me so much. I am most excited for switching classes in middle school.”

Matthew Doka (5M) said, “I am excited about leaving. I am mostly excited about making new friends and the food. I don’t really have any emotion about leaving. I am also looking forward to spending recess in the library. I will miss the kids who are planning to go to different schools than the middle school. I will also miss having one teacher.”

Middle school will be exciting, but the fifth graders will always remember Colonial. Thank you Colonial staff for giving us a great education. Thanks to you we are prepared for middle school.