Fifth graders take off on space mission (from our print edition)


Colonial Times file photo

Fifth grade students operated a simulated Mission Control Center.

SUFFERN, N.Y. — Fifth grade students went to the exciting and educational Challenger Learning Center here. Every student had an extremely fun experience.

All the students applied for a job on a space mission that required certain skills which they had to have in order to perform that job. Not only did students have to have the skills to perform their jobs, but they had to work as a team in order for the mission to lead to success.

Whether they were in the spacecraft or viewing the rocket from down below in mission control, everyone had to put a 100 percent effort in to their job or the spacecraft would “crash.”

Students may have only been in a simulator, but the stress was just as high as in a regular mission.

Elle Halvorson (5M) said, “My favorite part of the field trip was going into the space simulator because it made me feel like a real astronaut about to fly into space.”

“I liked doing different tests and giving tests to the others,” said Samantha Gregware (5M). “When we wore the lab coats (that) made me feel professional.”

The students from the ACE class also enjoyed the trip.  Ms. Haynes, an ACE teacher, said, “It was a really wonderful trip. All the ACE kids were so excited to go. When I went into the simulator, there was so much to see and explore.”

“Doing our jobs made us feel like a team,” said Henry Kagan (5M).

This story originally ran in the June 2017 print edition of the Colonial Times.