Four Colonial ACE students moving to middle school (from our print edition)

COLONIAL — Next year, four ACE students will move to Pelham Middle School along with all the other fifth graders. The four ACE kids are overjoyed about going to the middle school next year because they will be able to meet new friends and have bigger and better experiences.

Their teacher, Ms. Catherine Schaeffer, said, “They are so excited. They already met a guidance counselor, and they are visiting often to get used to the environment. Also, some do summer camp there, so they are familiar with the building.”

“I am very proud of them,” Ms. Schaeffer said. “And not only am I going to miss the ACE kids, I am also going to miss the whole fifth grade.” She said she feels like more than just four kids are leaving Colonial School. Ms. Schaeffer enjoyed being with the ACE kids and teaching them, too.

Another ACE teacher, Ms. Divitto, said, “I am going to be so sad when they leave to go to PMS…When we are practicing the graduation song, I even tear up a little.”

“I enjoy doing everything with the ACE kids, but I especially like doing projects in the maker’s space with them,” Ms. Divitto said.

Some fifth graders have signed up to be ACE peer buddies for the students at the middle school next year. They are Annika Halvorson, Zyde Karame, Kate Gristina and Gabby Ahitow.

Annika Halvorson said she signed up because “I have been working with ACE for two years, and I love to be with them. I thought it would be fun to be with them next year.”

Zyde Karame said, “I signed up to be an ACE peer buddy because it is important, and I really want to see them succeed in life.”

Kate Gristina said, “I love hanging out with them, and it is a good thing to do. I have been working and doing projects with them for three years.”

“I like to hang out with the ACE kids because they have very bright personalities, and I have made so many good memories with all of them,” Gabby Ahitow said.

Gabby added, “I like to be there for them whenever I can, for example, during the spring and winter concerts. It also makes me so overjoyed knowing that I am there to help them whenever they need it.  I loved seeing them learn and grow up to be wonderful kids. I am so happy I will be able to work with them next year.”