Kindergarten screening tests little ones (from our print edition)


They were screened in 2013 and Kindergartners the next school year. They’re not now.

COLONIAL LIBRARY — Kindergarten screening is the hands-on test taken by the upcoming Kindergartners.  The tests were given on May 10-11. Each screening takes about 15 minutes.

Each teacher doing the screening has a table that holds all the components to take the test. This reporter remembers cutting a semi-circle with scissors when she took the test five years ago.

In the library, there were chairs lined up on one side of the room and a table full of snacks for the children. The parents were usually waiting in the chairs and the whole place was packed with kids and parents.  On the library floor, there were all sorts of legos, blocks and fun things to play with. That is where next year’s Kindergartners played together while they waited to be screened.

Ms. Jacy Gerhardt, a teacher who has been asked several times to help out, told the Colonial Times a few of the things the Kindergartners do during the screening. This includes activities on letters, sounds, pre-reading skills, hopping, speech and language.

Many of the future Kindergartners were excited, like Dylan Potts and Louise Tully.  Dylan was excited about “everything!” Louise, who is four years old, said she will be happy to make new friends next year at school.

Kindergarten teacher Ms. Alaura Stivala held some of the screenings. She has been doing it for three years. “I’m really excited to see my new students in September,” she said.  She also said she was sad to see the future first graders go.

Her favorite part of the screening is “when the kids say silly things” and “getting to know a little bit about their personalities.” Ms. Stivala said “kids came in and were excited to see their new school.”  All the teachers, including Ms. Stivala, seemed to have a ton of fun doing the screening.

Mrs. Jo Ann Hintzen, another Kindergarten teacher, has been doing screenings for 28 years.  She said her favorite part of it is “to take their pictures so I can remember them” when school starts.  She explained that the kids were very good at “counting, rhyming and writing their names.”

Even though along with Ms Stivala, Mrs. Hintzen is sad to see her current students go, she thinks the screening went “great. There was a good batch of kids.”