Fifth graders go to historic St. Paul’s Church to learn of Revolutionary War hero John Glover


Courtesy National Park Service

A 1907 postcard of Saint Paul’s Church.

MOUNT VERNON — The fifth graders went on a field trip Oct. 20 to historic Saint Paul’s Church.

When they got there, they stepped  into a graveyard with graves dating back to the 1700s. Every guide was dressed as if they were from that same time. Students went to a series of stations: cooking, blacksmith, music in the church, gun training and stories from the Marblehead Mariners, a group that reenacts that military unit from the Revolutionary War.

The reason the fifth graders went to Saint Paul’s Church was because they learned about a key battle in the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Pel’s Point. Have you ever heard of Glover’s Field? That field was named after Colonel John Glover, who led the Continental units in the battle, which saved George Washington’s Army as it was retreating from New York City.

How did a Continental force totaling 400 beat the British, with 2,000? Back in the 1700’s, farmers built stone walls to separate their land. Glover’s idea was to set up about 100 men behind the first walls and the next walls would have double the men. When the men ran back behind the wall to the rear, the British believed this was the Continental Army retreating, so they chased the Americans and were shot down. This was how the Continental Army delayed the British forces landing from Long Island Sound so Washington could lead the other troops to win the Revolutionary War.

“Colonial has been going for many, many years,” said Mrs. Tonya Wilson, Colonial’s principal.