One fifth grade class has lockers, one doesn’t; does it matter?

5TH GRADE CLASSROOMS — Class 5S does not have lockers, while class 5H does.

“Yes, I want a locker because it’s not crowded, and you can fit more than a backpack and coat in them,” said Lila Berkery (5S).

Liam Ginsburg (5S) said it would give “me my own private space to keep personal belongings that you do not want other people seeing in the classroom. I would rather them be downstairs then upstairs because 5H’s lockers are downstairs, and it would  be more organized that way. I would want them to be a little bit wider though because you can fit more in them.”

Sebastian Laguna (5S) said that he wants one. “It is a pain to put my bag in the closet,” he said.

Ms. Hudson, 5S assistant teacher, said of the  5S students, “you don’t need them because you have hooks, and it is enough space. 5H should have them still, but they should be upstairs.”

5H lockers may have lockers, but they come with difficulties.

Emma Bier of 5H said, “I like them but they are downstairs so I have to go downstairs just to get water.”

Waverly Nada said, “I hate them because they are downstairs.”