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Music of Philharmonic is more beautiful than ever, say third graders

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NEW YORK — The third graders recently went to the Philharmonic and had a great time. The Philharmonic is a really good musical group that performs with violins and many other beautiful sounding instruments.

Nathalie Rackley said, “I like the flute because the sound is beautiful, and the music was great.”

“I really liked the violin because I’m just learning to play it, and it’s fun to play,” said Amelia Blake. “I also like the violin because it sounds so beautiful.”

Katherine Howles said, “I really liked the show. It was interesting, though I liked the flute the most because I can’t wait to play next year in band.”

Syrus Preftakes said, “I liked the cello because I play it. I really liked it because it was nice. The music sounded like fantasy music because they  probably would put it in a fantasy movie.”

“I loved it,” said Rocco Lee. “It was a good orchestra, and they sounded great together, though I liked the cello the most because it sounded the best. The whole thing was really good, and I could not choose my favorite part.”

Aileen Henry said, “It was good because it was my first time going there. I liked the violin because I play it, and I love the sound. Also, the person who played it was amazing!”


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  1. Arden Keough on April 10th, 2018 10:05 AM

    Great story Ella the philharmonic sounds like a place I would want to go.

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Music of Philharmonic is more beautiful than ever, say third graders