Fifth grade going on sixth: PMS is ahead (from our mid-year print edition)

5TH GRADE CLASSROOMS — Fifth graders have mixed opinions about moving up to middle school. Are they excited or are they scared about growing up?

Sixth grade can be hard. Students switch classes, walk the same halls with the scary eighth graders and can get lost. But middle schoolers also get great food, lockers and exercise. However they feel, all the Colonial fifth graders are counting down the days until sixth grade. 

Courtland Jones (5S) is looking forward to the food at Pelham Middle School. “I’m excited for sixth grade because we get lunch at like 10:30, and it is better quality.”

Will Dunhill agreed with Courtland as did many others in the fifth grade.

“I’m excited because I think it will be fun, and we won’t have to be sitting in a classroom all day,” said Juliet Hetzer (5H).

Charlie Johnson (5H) said, “I am excited for sixth grade because I am bored of elementary, and I want to switch classes.”

Plum Durham (5H) had a different view of moving on from fifth grade. “I love Colonial, and I do not want to leave,” said Plum. “I like having just one teacher.”

The two fifth grade teachers have heard their students talking about the big move and asking questions about it.

“Typically (they’re) very excited,” said teacher Piera Hattar.

However, Jeneane Salerno, who taught at PMS, disagreed. “No, nervous. They ask a hundred questions about sixth grade and the teachers and bullying and if I can switch back and come with them.”

Even if you’re not a fifth grader, are you excited about PMS? Are you tough? Like, “It’ll be easy” or “The food sounds good.” Or have you been reading too many Diary of a Wimpy Kid books?

Kids who are ready to go may be so because their parents have been saying, “It will be so much fun.” Or, “It sounds worse than it is.” When you walk through those big double doors next year or in the years after, remember your opinion.