100th day of school rolls around again (from our mid-year print edition)

COLONIAL SCHOOL—Every year, most of the grades celebrate the 100th day of school in their own special way. The Kindergartners dress up as what they would look like if they were 100 years old. 

This year, the 100th day of school fell on Feb. 15. Most classrooms celebrated the 100th day. Kids dressed up, played and did  cool activities to have fun and celebrate being closer to summer (even though the 100th day of school is in February!).

Something else the Kindergarten classes did was that every student brought in 100 of any sort of object to share with their classmates. Some kids brought Q-tips, small rocks and any other object that is small or can be carried that they can find.

“I was happy” on the 100th day of Kindergarten,” said fifth grader Julia Findikyan. “In fact, I remember what I brought in. 100 Q-tips.”

The second grade students drew themselves as what they would look like if they were 100 years old. The fifth grade celebrated by doing 100 themed activities.

Fifth grade teacher Piera Hattar said, “This year, we are doing research based on life one hundred years ago. Activities change every year.”

Some students said they did not like this and prefer doing fun activities to research.

Ben Martucci (5H) said, “We should do something more fun like watching 100 movies or making a human timeline.”

The first grade students dressed up as what they would look like if they were 100 like the Kindergartners do.

“I had powder in my hair, and I had glasses and a dress,” said first grader Naya Shekher. “I would rate it a ten out of ten.”

Fellow student Nira Garry said, “I wore a wig, glasses, painted pants and a cane. The most fun part was seeing my mom in the hallway and then running away because she was trying to take a picture of me.”

“I wore a hat, a mustache, eyebrows, a cane and glasses,” said Ryan Kraus. “It was fun. I had gray spray in my hair too.”

The second graders brought in 100 objects like the Kindergarten students did.

“Fourth grade couldn’t do anything this year,” said teacher Jacy Gerhardt. “It is sad.”

According to Ella (4G), “We aren’t going to do anything. After third grade, nobody cares about the 100th day of school. Last year, we didn’t do anything. This year we won’t do anything.”

“We didn’t really do anything,” said Ryan (3L).

Some students think that the 100th day of school is one of the most fun days of the year. Other students find other school days more fun.

“I think we should be doing school work on the 100th day because some people treat it like it is a holiday, but it is just a day of school,” said Plum Durham (5H). “I also think it is nice of the teachers to let us skip all the math and let us do 100 related activities.”

There is a sentimental side to the 100th day of school. The Kindergartners are starting to grow up and become first graders. All the students are all becoming older and getting ready for the next grade—or for the fifth graders, a new school.

Teacher Ms. Stivala said, “I told them yesterday that they are getting closer to first grade. They are starting to act like first graders. They are starting to read too.”

It just so happens that Chinese New Year was on the 101st day of school. This means that there were two activities involving Kindergartners and first graders two days in a row.

“That was weird,” said Joe Martucci (5S). “It was a little loud. I thought it was really cute when they did the parade.”

This was another wonderful and very successful 100th day of school. Having the Chinese New Year the day after was fun and very surprising for everyone at Colonial School.