Fifth graders work on year-end project

5TH GRADE CLASSROOMS — The fifth graders are doing a project for graduation called Make a Change (MAAC), where they study  people who made or are making a change, people such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or Mahatma Gandhi.

The fifth graders then have to think of a way to make a change in the school or community. They make a Powerpoint presentation about the change and the person they studied, and then share it with their class.

Colonial School has been doing the Make a Change project for two years now. It replaced Colonial’s Invention Convention.

Josie Leff, (5S) is disappointed because there is no Invention Convention this year and is worried that the Make a Change project will be very hard.

In the Invention Convention that ran for several years, fifth graders had partners and thought of an idea for an invention. They made a prototype of the invention and shared it with students, teachers and parents in the library. Many fifth graders loved Invention Convention.

Bella Cross (5S) said she is not excited for the Make a Change graduation project.

Ron Martucci, a fourth grade teacher who taught fifth last year, said he liked the MAAC project and thinks the students will too.

Lucy Dolan, who was in fifth grade a year ago, said she was not initially excited for the Make a Change project, but she got more into it as the project went along. Lucy’s project idea was to make better lunch bins—ones that are easier to carry up and down stairs.

Will Felgner, who was also in fifth last year, was not excited throughout the whole Make a Change project. He studied Michael J. Fox, who raises awareness about Parkinson’s disease.