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Salad feast is plant lesson (from our June print edition)

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4th GRADE CLASSROOMS — The salad feast is a project that the fourth grade is doing to learn about the parts of a plant.

“I am really excited for the salad feast because when you write the ingredients, you actually make what you wrote,” Bryn Felgner. “One ingredient that I think would be good for the salad is dressing because it really gives the salad the flavor. I recommend this activity to other fourth graders because it is a really fun activity doing while you are learning about plants.”

Audrey Davis said, “I am kind of excited for the salad feast because for once I get to make a salad that I don’t have to eat. One ingredient is cabbage for the salad because I like it. I do recommend it for other fourth graders because all other fourth graders have to do it anyway.”

“I am excited for the salad feast because I love eating salad, and it is a good lesson for teaching kids about plants,” said Arden Keogh. ”One ingredient that would be good is sesame seeds because I watch a lot of TV shows, and they say, ‘You got to get a crunch.’ And sesame seeds give a crunch. Of course, I recommend this because some people don’t know what a salad is and now they know.”

Lucy Cole said, “I’m excited for the salad feast because I really want to see the parents’ reaction to the students’ salads. I think that lettuce would be a good ingredient for the salad because when parents look at the salad, they say, ‘Oh, it is actually good.'”

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Salad feast is plant lesson (from our June print edition)