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Fifth grade MACs a difference (from our June print edition)

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5th GRADE CLASSROOMS โ€” MAC is a fifth grade project that is also known as Make a Change. The goal of MAC is for a student to come up with an idea and try to get it implemented to improve Colonial School.

The most common ideas in 5S and 5H were grass fields, improving indoor recess, indoor gardens and adding nature to the outside of the school.

“It’s good because it will benefit future generations of Colonial School attendees,” said Charlie Johnson. “I am currently working on grass fields with Felix Caminiti, and I currently don’t know who I am presenting it to yet.”

Laura Gin said, “I think MAC is a great project, although many people have been in fights about unofficial copyright. I plan to present this to Dr. Garcia.”

“I  like MAC because we get to help our school,” said Daniel Berkery. “I’m doing grass field. I plan to present my project to the head of facilities.”

Carlo Cipolla said, “I think MAC is good because it helps fix our schools flaws.”

Waverly Nanda said, “I like the fact that we get to help our school in our own way.”

“Make a Change is an amazing opportunity to enhance our learning environment,” Ethan Cristea said. “I am planning for basketball hoops for our playground to give kids more opportunities to play more sports.”

“I think MAC is cool because you’re able to change the school,” said Plum Durham. “I’m going to present this to Mr. Horkay.”

Rhys Gracie said, “I think it’s cool that we get a chance of changing the school and its flaws. I’m trying to get a study hall. I am going to present this to the principal or teachers.”

Ben Blake said, “It’s great that we get the chance to MAC (pun intended) because it gives us an independent choice to reverse or eliminate things we think need a revamp.”

The fifth grade classes in the four elementary schools in the Pelham School District do a MAC project as a year-end project and test.

Many of the students love the freedom to choose the project they want to take place in the Colonial School. 

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Fifth grade MACs a difference (from our June print edition)