Top Chef: taste of tradition (from our June print edition)


From left, Will Dunhill, Liam Ginsburg and Noah DeDomenico were Top Chefs.

5th GRADE CLASSROOMS — Leading up to the Top Chef project in May, fifth grade students were excited to share their favorite cultural and traditional food recipes with their fellow classmates.

Top Chef is a project fifth graders do in social studies. Ms. Jeneane Salerno is the fifth grade teacher who does social studies.

Each student had to prepare a food or dish that is either traditional or cultural to their family. They make their dish with an adult and then write a paper about how their food is either traditional or cultural food to their family life.

Some students liked cooking their food so that others could taste the special dish of their family. The tastings happened at the Top Chef event on May 21 at Colonial. Other fifth graders were excited to enjoy the various flavors of the cuisine their classmates had prepared.

“I think Top Chef is pretty cool,” said Carlo Cipolla. “I am making cassava cake.” Cassava cake is a Filipino dessert. 

Ben Blake said, “I think to chef is fun because we get to learn about and eat people’s cultural and traditional food.” Ben made shepherd’s pie, which is an English dish.

David Forte said, “My favorite part about Top Chef is making the food.” He made his mom’s butter cookies.

“My favorite part about Top Chef is eating the food because it’s fun to try new foods,” said Charlie Johnson.

Timothy Magambo said, “My favorite part about Top Chef is eating the food other people make and showing our culture through” the project.

The project began when students were assigned a packet that they had to fill out by May 20. They also had to fill out a family tree from where your recipe came from.

On May 21, all the fifth grade students presented their posters in front of the parents, and everyone attending was allowed to eat food. Students also presented the information on a poster to all their classmates.

Also on Top Chef day, each student set up their own station with their food. They had to write how it was related to their culture or how it was traditional.