Fifth graders worried, sad, excited at leaving Colonial (from our June print edition)

COLONIAL — Some people may think that all fifth graders are super excited about moving up to sixth grade and Pelham Middle School. They’d be half and a bit more right. Most fifth graders are. But some of them are not.

Graduating fifth graders talked about the independence they will have, the chance to change classes, have a teacher for each subject, sit at different desks and get better food. Others were sad because they so enjoyed their Colonial years, and some were worried about remembering locker combinations and getting to class on time to avoid the dreaded call to the principal’s office.

David Forte said, “I feel super positive about moving up. I am super excited to leave Colonial. I am really excited!”

Noah DeDomenico said he was ready to be “free.”

“I’m excited about the food and the new friendships I’m going to make,” said Gillian Ho.

Lark Martin said, “I am not really excited to move up because I love Colonial. All the teachers here are really amazing, and it is going to be really sad when we leave.”

“I’m sad to leave Colonial,” said Julia Findikyan. “I truly am. I’ve spent the last six years in Colonial. However, I’m excited for the middle school. I’m excited for the independence we’ll have and the way you can have an interactive class. I love all the teachers and the idea of switching classrooms. I love the middle school but am sad to leave Colonial.”

“I feel a mix of the horrible feeling of sadness and the wonderful feeling of excitement,” said Sabine Bushong . “I think I will get lost and forget my locker combination—not to forget, I will be late for everything. I love Colonial, and it is like a security blanket, and now I am going into the coldness by myself.”

Joe Martucci said, “I am very excited for the moving up ceremony because I want to give a speech, and it is at the country club. I know the building and the food is soooooooooooooo good.”

“It is going to be a lot more complex than ever,” said Timothy Magambo. 

Ben Blake said, “I am really excited. I want to meet and make new friends!”

“I am pretty  excited because I will make tons of new friends, and it will be air conditioned,” said Emma Bier. 

Kira Findikyan said, “I love Colonial so much. All of my friends and amazing teachers really make it fun to go to school everyday. I will really, really miss Colonial, but I am sure the middle school will be fun, too. I am excited to make new friends, switch classes and much more.”

Jamie Moskowitz said, “I can not wait to go to the middle school. I can’t wait to be able to change classes and have different teachers. I’m excited to be with friends from other schools.”

“I am super excited,” said Juliet Hetzer. “My brother is in high school, and he told me what to expect. The food is better, and I don’t have to sit in the same classroom desk.”

Josie Leff said, “I am excited about all the fun things to do in middle school, but I am sad about leaving the school I have been at for six years.”

“I am really excited to go to middle school, but I really don’t want to leave Colonial because I have made so many good friends and memories here,” Claire Van Praagh said. 

Charlotte Seligman said, “I’m mostly excited, but I’m a little bit nervous about switching classes and that I won’t get there on time. Gabby Ahitow said that if you’re over two minutes late, they announce your name on the loudspeaker and ask you to go to the principal’s office.”

Jada-Lynn Baez said, “I’m excited to go to middle school because we get to meet all new teachers and get to switch classes. We also don’t have to sit in one desk all day.”

The fifth grade moving up ceremony was held at 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 14, in the Pelham Middle School gymnasium, future gym for all those moving on up.