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Ted Scheu that Poetry Guy brings words that fly (from our June print edition)

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COLONIAL — Ted Scheu that Poetry Guy came back to tell the kids all about the new poetry he is writing

Most children have experienced his past visits because he had previously come to read for all grades, but this year he only appeared before the Kindergarten and first grade classes. The assembly was held May 16. The kids loved how much energy he had.

“My messages that I am trying to get to kids (is to) have fun playing with words,” said Mr. Scheu. “Poetry is all about finding words that are delicious to the ear, and capture the readers imaginations and hearts.” 

He recommended writing a little bit each day about something that is important to you. “Poems are all about little things that are important to you.” Another message that he had is he loves to encourage kids of all ages to follow their hearts and pursue things they really love doing.

“One thing that really inspires me is other children’s poems,” he said. “I love the wordplay. Douglas Florian, Shel Silverstein, Eloise Greenfield, Jack Prelutsky and J. Patrick Lewis are my favorite children’s poets and inspirations. Sometimes I even change the words and it makes it fun.”

Mr. Scheu sometimes has difficulty writing poetry. “When I have a hard time writing a poem, I’ll put it aside and work on another poem. Amazingly very often, when left alone for a while, a struggling poem will figure out a way to be better. When you go back to it later, it all comes together. It is very cool how the brain works that way.”

He plans to keep on writing poetry. “I recently figured out that I have so many poems to write, I have until I’m 154 years old. So I have 90 more years to live.”

Some people wonder, who came first, Bill Nye the Science Guy or Ted Scheu that Poetry Guy? Well, about 20 years ago, a first grader who was a big fan of Bill Nye gave Mr. Scheu his nickname. It made it easier for everyone to pronounce his name with a rhyme. His last name looks like “shoe” but it is pronounced like “shy.”

“I am also a huge fan of Bill Nye,” said Mr. Scheu.

“Ideas come mostly from my memories—both as a child and as a teacher—and also from being a careful observer of the world around me—especially watching and listening to people—like you,” he said. “I write the best in two places. One, when I am at home, and two, the library at Middlebury College in Vermont.”

He has written a few thousand poems, but not all of them have been finished or published. He is still working to finish some.

He has eight books of poetry, including “Getting the Best of Me,” “I Froze My Mother,” “Now I Know My ZBCs,” “I Threw My Brother Out,” “I Tickled My Teachers” and “Some Day I’ll be a Teacher.”

Mr. Scheu has a website; you can find this at

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Ted Scheu that Poetry Guy brings words that fly (from our June print edition)