Kindergarten and fifth grade buddies love playing together

COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — In the beginning of the school year, the fifth graders were assigned Kindergarten buddies.  Most Kindergartners love playing with their buddies. Fifth grades are like older siblings to the Kindergartners.

“I love playing with my buddie because she is cute and sweet,” said Darcy Clarke (5H).

Most Kindergartners and fifth graders want more time with their buddies.

Heather Reishe (5S) said, “I like playing with my buddy. She gets along with other Kindergartners, and she loves giving hugs.  I wish we got more time with our buddies—to fix the problem by having certain people stay back each day.”

Maddie Barlow (KS) said, “I like playing with my buddie because she is kind and fun to play with.”

“My buddie is so fun to play with,” said Mahira Gupta (KH). “I love how she makes up fun games for us to play. Arden makes my day better.”