Roblox popular with some kids in Colonial School

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Roblox popular with some kids in Colonial School

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COLONIAL SCHOOL – Many people love to play Roblox. Roblox is an app you can download on your device.

Do you like to play Roblox?

“I love playing Roblox!” Katherine Howells (4M) says. “You can play so many games.”

Why do you love to play Roblox?

“Because you can play different games with other people. You can “friend” people and still play fun games,” she continued.

Do you have any doubts about Roblox?

“Yes, it is hard to get Roblox,.” Katherine Howells (4M) says.

How many people do you think in this school play Roblox?

“72%,” Katherine Howells (4M) estimates.

How would you rate Roblox from 1 out of 10?

“I would rate it 8/9 out of 10,” Aileen Henry (4M) says.

Do you think Roblox should be for everyone?

“Yes I think it should be open for everyone.” Aileen Henry (4M) says.

Why do you like Roblox and why do you think many people play it?

“I think people like Roblox because it has many different games,” Duncan Gin (4M) says.

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Roblox popular with some kids in Colonial School