Fifth graders see ‘Magic Flute’ at Metropolitan Opera House



NEW YORK — For one of the fifth grade field trips, the classes went to the Metropolitan Opera House to see “The Magic Flute,” the opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The opera house was huge, and the Colonial the fifth graders were at the top of it. The view was not great, but Mrs. Wright had told them the sound would be better.

“It was good, but it was long,” Luke Dolan said. “I don’t like musicals or operas.”

There were screens in front of you, and they translated the opera. Most people thought it was very useful.

Will Russello said he “liked it because I’ve never been to an opera. It was really nice because of all the singing and customs.”

Finbar Doyle liked it “kinda” because the music was good but said he didn’t totally understand the plot.