Fourth graders excited about starting band and playing an instrument

TEACHER’S LOUNGE — This year, fourth graders get to start something new—band. It is a way to learn a new instrument. Some of the choices include flute, french horn and much more.

“I think the fourth graders are doing a great job,” said Mr. Martineau, the band teacher. “I am most excited about the concert in February.”

Aileen Henry (4M) said, “What I think about band—it is fun and exciting because you get to learn new things. I think Mr. Martineau is nice as a teacher.”

“I like it because I like how my trumpet sounds like someone who plays for the king when he walks past,” said Zoe Bressler (4M).

This year’s band recital is going to be great music, or, this reporter should say, music to her ears.