Student teacher comes to 5S, disappointing fifth graders in 5H

5TH GRADE CLASSROOMS — Ms. Danko, 5S’s new student teacher came, to Jeneane Salerno’s class on Jan. 15.

Ms. Danko goes to Iona College and will begin to teach her own class next year when she finishes being a student teacher.

“I’m very excited to teach 5S, but it’ll take some time in the beginning to remember your names and get used to teaching,” Ms. Danko said. “I think the hardest part of being a student teacher is teaching the math because I’m just remembering it.”

Ms. Piera Hattar’s class didn’t get a student teacher this year, which disappointed many of 5H’s students.

On the other hand, 5S was excited to meet their student teacher.

Mrs Salerno is glad to have the help in her classroom. “I’m excited because everybody needs some help, and it’s nice to have another adult in the room,” she said. “I’ve had a student teacher before, and it’s always nice. I remember being one. I taught third grade and fifth grade. It was exhausting, but it helped me more than any other college course. I know it’ll help Ms. Danko a lot.”

Alex Dolen, a fifth grader in 5H, said, “I’m very disappointed our class didn’t get a student teacher. I heard from other people that both classes were getting a student teacher but we didn’t.”