Fifth graders explore lives of America’s 45 presidents


5TH GRADE CLASSROOMS — The fifth graders are starting a project on the 45 U.S. presidents. They can choose from George Washington to Donald Trump.

“I choose Andrew Jackson, the seventh president, because he is on the twenty dollar bill,” Rowan Egan said. “But if I could choose any president, I would choose John F. Kennedy because he is my favorite president.”

Julian Matteoni said, “I choose President Richard Nixon, the 37th president, because he was the first president to be impeached.”

The fifth graders are very excited to start this project and choose a president that is important to them for specific reasons.

Theo Moss said, “I chose Thomas Jefferson, the third, because he is really interesting to learn about. He also did a lot of things to improve history.”

Maggie Memoli said, “I choose George W. Bush, the 43rd president, because I saw him on the news. I wanted to do Theodore Roosevelt because I know a lot about Theodore. “