Fifth grade makes family recipes for Top Chef project (from our June print edition)

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COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — Fifth graders rushed to set up their poster boards while parents and students wandered around to sample different foods. All over the playground, fifth graders began to run out of food. Sometimes an unlucky student’s poster board would be blown over, but the event was otherwise calm. Soon enough, Top Chef was over and students began packing up their boards to take to their classrooms.

Top Chef is an annual event that fifth grade students look forward. The students pick a food that’s a big part of their culture or family. They often choose the dishes that are made for holidays and birthdays. Then they collect material about where the recipe came from, the cost of the ingredients, the family history of the food and their family.

The students also made family trees.

Each student takes all the collected information and puts it on a tri-fold poster to be displayed on May 17 for parents, third graders, fourth graders and other fifth graders. The fifth graders also prepare their dish and reduce it to smaller portions for everyone to taste. Tables are be set up in the back playground and the tri-folds are placed back-to-back. At the end of the event, the fifth grade students were allowed to go around to all their friends’ displays.

“I made bread and butter pudding, and the hardest part was changing the British measurements into American measurements,” said Aidan Feeney, a student in 5S. “I like making the food the most. I also liked trying other peoples food because I didn’t know there were dishes like the ones people made existed.” 

The fourth and most of the third graders came and sampled everybody’s food.

“It was really fun to sample people’s food,” said Charles Perreten, a 4M student. “It was cool to see everyone’s different dishes from their culture. My favorite food was probably the crepes. I mainly like the sweet food better than the savory. I also can’t wait to do Top Chef next year.”