Ellis Island displays immigrant experience (from our June print edition)

ELLIS ISLAND — The fourth graders were excited to go to Ellis Island, some for the first time. The classes went on June 5, leaving at 7:30 am. There were a lot of parents going on the all-day trip.

The group passed the Statue Of Liberty on the ferry on the way to Ellis Island, but they did not go into the Statue Of Liberty.

“Yes, I like (the field trip) because I think it is a really good museum and the boat ride is really fun,” said fourth grade teacher Ron Martucci. “”I have been about 15 times.”

According to the Ellis Island website, the immigration facility opened on Jan. 1, 1892. Annie Moore was the first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island with her two little brothers when she was 15 years old. On Nov, 12, 1954, Ellis Island was closed down. Arne Peterssen was the last person to pass through. When he came through Ellis Island, he was 48 years old.

There were a lot of things to see at Ellis Island. There was a statue of Annie Moore and her two brothers.

When you got there, you could get an audio tour that explained the rooms for you if you typed the number under the phone.

Some people were successful at finding people in there family that came through Ellis Island.

“I am very excited because I have never been to Ellis Island before,” said Shylah (4M).

Shylah (4M) said she would be staying in the city after the field trip.

A bunch of kids stayed in the city and a bunch of kids went back on the bus. The kids on the bus returned to Colonial at around 3 p.m.